Meet Marty

Marty Rowley will bring a conservative approach to the Texas State Board of Education that focuses on the needs of our children and the concerns of Texas taxpayers.  

As a certified, professional mediator, Marty has the unique ability to bring people together towards a beneficial resolution.  As a concerned parent and citizen, he can directly relate to the more than three million parents whose kids’ futures depend upon the Texas public school system.    

Marty is accustomed to handling complex issues with intelligence, innovation and diplomacy, after spending over 20 years as a Board certified attorney, and seven years as a pastor of an 8,000 member church.  As the father of three children, all of whom graduated from Texas public schools, he knows the joys and frustrations that come with raising kids into responsible adults, and knows full well the critical importance of resolving the challenges that face our schools and schoolchildren in the future.

Having lived in Amarillo for almost 30 years, Marty currently serves as President of the Maverick Boys and Girls Club of Amarillo.  He has also served as the Governmental Affairs Chairman of the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, was a member of the Citizens Budget Committee of Youth Programs for the United Way and is a Past President of the CareNet Pregnancy Centers of Amarillo and Canyon.  He has been an Executive Committee Member of the Amarillo Bar Association, has been President of the West Texas Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates and has served on the Northern District of Texas Civil Justice Advisory Committee.   

Marty earned his Juris Doctorate degree from Texas Tech School of Law, where he was on the 1982 National Championship Trial Advocacy Team.  He earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Speech Communication from Eastern New Mexico University in 1979.

Marty’s mom has served on her local school board for a record 27 years, and his two sisters and his sister in law are all public school teachers.
Marty is the proud parent of three great kids; Matthew, Michael and Theresa, and his marriage to his lovely wife Cindy is going on 30 years.